Friday, March 2, 2012


Oak Alley Plantation
Today we drove to Plantation Country and visited Oak Alley Plantation. Beautifully restored from its years of neglect we had an informative tour of the house and strolled around the grounds. The quarter mile alley of 300 year old Virginia Live Oaks is an outstanding sight. Sometime in the early 1700's an unknown settler planted an alley of 28 oaks in two equal rows spaced 80 feet apart leading to the Mississippi river. 
The Greek Revival style house was built in 1837 and was run as a sugar plantation by slaves.
After touring the house I partook of a Mint Julep and imagined my self living in genteel style amid this massive home. Apparently the ladies were not allowed hard alcohol so took to sipping these mint juleps throughout the day. Purely for medicinal use you know! Two parts whisky mixed with mint syrup - it was quite heady!

Our stay in the New Orleans area is sadly at an end - onward to Alabama!

tour of house

would love to wear this fashion!

 view from balcony to the Mississippi

sugar kettle used in making of molasses

the view from the Mississippi

mint julep time!
Oak Alley Plantation from the levee

A smaller plantation house - Laura a Creole plantation

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